Support the WCRWG

The most effective way you can contribute to the maintenance, upgrade and expansion of the repeater infrastructure in the Western Cape is to make a cash donation.  The account information is below.

The WCRWG also accepts donations of equipment, such as power supplies, modern repeaters, linking controllers, duplexers, ferrite circulators, high quality coaxial cable (EC4-50/half-inch heliax or better), and connectors for that cable.  Please do not donate us work.  We have enough work.  Donation of used items is fine, but make sure that they are ready to go.  A used connector stuck to a piece of old cable will likely lie in a box until somebody donates his effort to do something about it.

Please do not donate junk.  The RWG does not have time to sell your old junk that you do not have time to sell.  If you have used equipment that is not of the type immediately and readily useable at a repeater high site, by all means sell it and donate the funds – you will be helping much more that way.


Account Information

Account Name: Western Cape Repeater Working Group (WCRWG)
Bank: FNB
Account type: Cheque
Account number: 62338034937
Branch code: 250655 (Electronic payments)
Branch code: 200612 (Counter deposits)

Please send notice of your donation to