Hawequa Solar Repairs 2024-06-15

On 15 June 2024, ZS1DDK, ZS1YT, ZS1ATX, ZS1MJT and ZS1IX installed the new solar panels on Hawekwa. During the severe windstorm of 7 April, the wind tore off one of the solar panels and also damaged the 6m antenna.

Where is the 17 spanner?

The group left around 07:00 and with beautiful sunshine and almost no wind the task could easily be tackled. By 13:00 the two new panels were installed and connected and the meters indicated that the panels were doing their job. The 6m link antenna has also been repaired.

Let’s hope it isn’t gone

Thanks to ZS1ATX, Z1YT and ZS1DDK who donated the cost of the transport towards the WCRWG.

As Eskom becomes unaffordable, the supply to the premises will be cut off on 30 June 2024. The current 4 batteries are 5 years old and need to be replaced soon. Please feel free to make a donation to the WCRWG for the maintenance of the repeaters in our area. For more information, see wcrwg.co.za

Install completed