Maintenance Jonaskop 2016-02-06

ZS1TAF and ZS1VDV went to Jonaskop.

We left Stellenbosch at 06:15.
Arrived 08:30.

First did a quick status check on battery system, power supply and SWR on VHF repeater. All was fine, except the SWR on the VHF was a bit high (The first time I saw a VXR9000 cut back on it’s output power).
Installed small rack
Swopped out the repeater with the one aligned with link controller en link radios.
Installed new rack mount PSU.
Installed link radios.
Installed link controller.
Installed new circulator.
Replaced fly lead between duplexer and heliax (to remove a damaged barrel connector, in future we must replace the UHF t piece FMF)
Serviced the heliax to 4 stack connection. Found some water in connection. Was dried out and triple rubber taped and double isolation taped for UV protection.

Was back in Stellenbosch 14:00