Maintenance Hawequa 2016-02-14

ZS1VDV and ZS1YT installed the link controller and radios back at 650 site today.

Something is however keying (breaking the sql) on the UHF RX link radio.

By disconnecting the VHF en UHF at Piketberg with dtmf tones, I did stop this from happening.  Which leads me to believe the problem is at Piketberg. (But does not exclude local noise at 650 site)

I would however like to confirm this, before doing a trip to Piketberg.

First thing, if you observe this noise on the 650 this week

  1. First try to send 8104 to 625 (piketberg).  If this does not solve it, or you cannot get in goto 2
  2. Send 8004 to 650.  This will disconnect the vhf en uhf links at Hawequa

Both these fixes only lasts 9 hours for now.

When you here the noise on the 650, check if you can here the same noise on 431.200 from Piketberg.

Any other info or ideas, please feel free to send.