Status Report 2016-02-23

Heya folks!

Lots of work done over the weekend and the donation drought has finally been broken! Yay!

All the juicy details inside, as always. Enjoy! 🙂

Jan ZS1VDV and David ZS1DDK performed maintenance on two repeaters this Sunday past. At the Piketberg site (145.625MHz), a local interference source was found. The repeater squelch was adjusted to 0.25microvolts, the controller was reconfigured to key on CTCSS and carrier instead of carrieronly and the duplexer was finetuned.
A circulator was installed between the repeater transmitter and the duplexer. At Hawequas (145.650MHz), the UHF link repeat setting was in an inconsistent state due to a deactivation on 15 Feb to protect the transmitter. The setting was deactivated then reactivated. On both sites, the controller firmware was updated.

A cash donation has been received from Dirk van der Berg ZS1VDB.