Repeater Status Report 20160802

Good evening, folks!

Quite a busy week, this one. I had my 6-monthly checkup including a stress ECG (Doc is happy and also met our puppies), we have a political event tomorrow (do your bit!) and this week’s status report includes the long-awaited Schedule of Events. Okay, so it’s called something else but that looks a little more impressive in an announcement 🙂

These are the events that have been sent through. If you have something on the go, either a regular weekly bulletin or a sports-type event… or even a K9 exercise (not our puppies!) then drop a line to the WCRWG, or send me an email and I’ll channel it through. Sports events etc should be sent through as early as possible so that they can be listed in at least 2 reports before they occur. It’s always a good idea to get the word out in plenty of time.

So, have at it… here ya go! 🙂