Repeater Status Report 20170103

Greetings to all and Happy New Year!!

I sincerely hope that everyone has a wonderful year ahead and that, accordingly, it is a vast improvement over last year. Shouldn’t be too hard.. 🙂

My inbox has been almost painfully quiet since the last report of 2016, except for a gentle hint that all was not well with said report. Oh, it was very much the correct report but the date on the top was accidentally left unaltered. I blame the puppy that was chewing my ear 🙂

A corrected version is available on the website and the faulty version has been removed. Please feel free to collect a copy if you wish.

This week’s report, the first of the new year, most definitely has the correct date – I’ve checked if 15 times – and is as up-to-date as the reports that I have received. Enjoy!