Battery backup: Yes
Lightning protection: Yes

VHF Repeater:

Frequencies and Tones Output: 145.700 / Input: 145.100
Mode Analogue: FM (16K0F3E)

145.700 George Coverage Prediction as for an average mobile station, does not take into account local obstructions like buildings or powerlines

UHF Link to Danabaai:

Frequencies and Tones Output: 431.125 / Input: 438.725
Mode Analogue: FM (16K0F3E)

Dana-bay George Link

DTMF codes:

7004 – Danabaai Link

To check the status of a connection:
Send the 4 digit DTMF code only
An interrupted tone indicates OFF
A continuous tone indicates ON
To switch a point OFF:
Send the 4 digit code plus a #
To switch a point ON:
Send the 4 digit code plus a *

Any isolated repeater continues to work as a normal local repeater, but is not linked to the network.

The DTMF code must be entered within a few seconds between the first and the last digit, as there is a code-entry timer window. Press your PTT, then allow a second or two’s key-up delay before entering the DTMF code, to allow all links a chance to key up first.

ALWAYS give your callsign when interrogating and announce which point you are switching (BEFORE disconnecting, and AFTER reconnecting!)