Repeater Status Reports 20160614 & 20160621

Yup, you read that right. I’ve been more than a little busy lately, still am, and forgot to post the weekly reports here on the website. Sure, they went out on email but that’s only half the job. So, bundled together in a single posting we have 2 reports! Oui, deux rapports, twee verslae, zwei Berichte, dois relatórios!  🙂




Maintenance Jonaskop 2016-06-05

On Sunday 5 June, the team consisting of Jan ZS1VDV, Paul ZS1V, Mike ZS1TAF, David ZS1DDK and Andre ZS1AN headed to Jonaskop to attend to a number of issues at the 145.675 repeater site.

It was a sunny, but cold day at around 1C when the team arrived, but warming to a comparatively pleasant 7C by the time we left at around 5pm.  A light breeze aided in keeping everybody’s hands cold.

Jan ZS1VDV selecting the correct scalpel

The following tasks were completed:

  • Replacement of a faulty speech chip in the controller and re-enable temperature and voltage measurement macros
  • Correction of the audio emphasis for audio from the links to the 2m repeater
  • Realignment of audio talk through levels
  • Installation of a second backup battery
  • Reinstallation of the VHF ferrite circulator and harmonic filter after the latter was retuned
  • Improve station grounding
  • Install vent covers on the equipment housing
  • Investigate and correct interference problem on the 2m repeater – VHF SWR was high (> 2.5)
Mike ZS1TAF and Paul ZS1V attending to the VHF SWR

Mike ZS1TAF and Paul ZS1V attending to the VHF SWR

At the end of the day, a light crackle in the repeater tail was traced to the audio mixer in the controller.  This was also corrected.

FLTR Paul ZS1V, Jan ZS1VDV and Andre ZS1AN

FLTR Paul ZS1V, Jan ZS1VDV and Andre ZS1AN

Photo credit: David ZS1DDK

The team arrived home again around 19.30.